This comic is based on real life events and quotes which have been done and said at Lolita meets I have been too. Some may have been embellished a bit, whilst others remain unnervingly true.

Human Name: Lovina
Pirate is Italian and can speak perfect English. She loves fashion and brand, but not much into anime.

Human Name: Ruth
Punk is easily excited, and a bit rough. But creative in her own multi-coloured, tartan ways.

Bitter Sweet
Human Name: Ginette
Bitter Sweet is Sweet's older sister. She's less optimistic and doesn't deal with people well. She hates Gothic, but shares the same interest - cute things.

Human Name: Alice
Alice is one step away form being insane. She lives in her own wonderland, and likes to believe she gets along with everybody.

Human Name: Marie
Sailor is calm, and quiet. She prefers to be alone or in a small group for a sea side meet.

Human Name: Catherine
Is the oldest Lolita of the group and still favours how the fashion started out as.

Human Name: Rose
Country is cheery, nature-loving and happy-go-lucky. The love for strawberries make her constantly hyper.