27 May 2012

Hiatus? Closure?

As much as I find my Lolita friends a treat and a laugh, but I don’t think I can be arsed with the comic anymore. Even artists have their days when they just can’t draw and I certainly don’t want to rush the comics. I appriciate the fans and support, and I like being kept busy with my own little projects but I only seem to get bored of them eventually, but they mean too much to me to just be left. What should I do??

By the way, thanks so much for 5000+ hits. It means a lot :')


  1. sad to see you go, but i've enjoyed the comics since the beginning, so thanks for the good times :D

    1. Aww thank you <3. I'm still unsure of the closure. Like if loadsa people really want me to stay. But I dunno D:

  2. I agree, I really loved them, too!!

  3. I really love checking this site most days to check for updates, it always makes me smile :)

  4. I think maybe you should take a break (or as you say, hiatus) to regain yourself and inspiration! And more often than not, when you forbid yourself to draw, it makes you want to even more!

    But do what is right for yourself and thanks for all the comics so far! ^^